We are proud to introduce the

"Simply Cooler."

This is the loudest most advanced Cooler on the market. Our cooler is fully usable, which is more then you can say for our competitors! We use all marine grade equipment and a high end power supply to keep the party rocking all day and night in any condition!

Features include:
* Cadence exterior Bluetooth control pad with aux port 
* NFC tagging (remembers your smartphone for auto connect)
* Cadence SeaQua Marine 6 1/2" speakers
* Pyle Hydra 240 watt marine amplifier
* Shuriken 18 amp hour AGM high performance battery
* 24 can drop in cooler
* hidden dry box under false floor 
* Battery Charger with quick connect

* run time 16-20+ hrs


 Simply Audio

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